Clients value the substantial impact that we can bring to their business through effective marketing at our world-class data showcase events, specific roadshows with interested prospects and the relevant introductions we can organise with clients willing to buy data.


“Eagle Alpha has been fantastic to work with. Not only did the business development team immediately begin making valuable introductions to investment firms and asset managers, but the Data Analytics team dug into our data and began producing reports and case studies. Most recently, Eagle Alpha organized a roadshow with a number of investment managers that has clearly demonstrated not just the reach of Eagle Alpha’s network but also the strength of the firm’s relationships with its clients. I cannot speak highly enough about how impressed we’ve been with Eagle Alpha and how quickly they’ve had a significant impact on our data business”.


“I run a business that has a consumer transaction dataset. Eagle Alpha has added value to our business since the day we signed them. Three key areas where it has helped: 1) introductions to > 100 asset managers worldwide via data showcase events and tailored introductions; 2) their analysts and data scientists helped us provide evidence of value using our data; and 3) marketing e.g. included one of our case studies in their industry leading report regarding the applications of alternative data”.

Return Path (now part of Edison)

“Eagle Alpha has been an essential partner in representing our dataset in the market, facilitating key introductions, and promoting us in their newsletter, conferences and private events. The communication and collaboration in our partnership; and the speed with which they’ve accelerated leads has been phenomenal”.

Cardinal Analytics

“We have found a very high caliber of hedge funds and asset managers attending each data showcase event and meeting us in the 1-on-1s, which provides us with fantastic exposure to a range of prospective data users in a single venue. The pre-screening of interested funds by the Eagle Alpha team and their after-event follow-ups really does assist us in prioritizing leads and engaging with those funds who have a genuine interest in our data”.

Porting XS

“From the potential insight value of the data, to the specific positioning to the right funds and a superb business development drive, Eagle Alpha delivers a great end to end service. We are very pleased with our partnership”.


“Eagle Alpha has done a super job organizing their London data showcase event. A fabulous team that has taken great strides to support vendors throughout the process, and to provide useful programming and insight from the buyside perspective. For vendors, not to be missed!”.


“The Eagle Alpha team have been extremely supportive in guiding us through our first data showcase event with them. From providing great delegate marketing, to setting up productive one-to-ones, to helping us find our stand on the day! The team also then helped us with follow up responses and have been very proactive in providing us with good information and positioning for follow up events that we will attend. We will definitely come again”.

Brain Sentiment

“We participated as a selected data vendor at the Eagle Alpha data showcase event in London on 11th April 2018. The event has been a great opportunity to meet several potential customers, mostly hedge funds, to show them our products and competences in the field of machine learning and natural language processing applied to finance. We got several potential leads and also useful information from market players on the most interesting directions in which concentrate our research”.


“Eagle Alpha has helped us connect with relevant funds and assisted us with advice and business development resources. Eagle Alpha’s service is fantastic end to end. The team is a pleasure to work with and we are very excited about the future of the partnership”.


“Eagle Alpha has a deep understanding of the marketplace for alternative data and how such data can be leveraged by asset managers. By working with such a broad array of asset managers, and hearing from them on a daily basis about their challenges and investment hypotheses, Eagle Alpha can quickly identify the right dataset for a particular purpose. Moreover, they are a joy to work with, and have a highly effective team.”