There are four ways Eagle Alpha partners with data owners:

  1. Database Listing

Asset managers value Eagle Alpha’s database because it maps the alternative data space worldwide – there are currently 747 datasets in our database (as at 22nd May 2018). Listing in Eagle Alpha’s database enables vendors of alternative data to profile their dataset for free. In return vendors receive free leads through click-throughs to their websites and direct enquiries by phone. Data providers have control of their own profile – the more comprehensive and up-to-date the listing the more leads our vendors receive.

  1. Sales Referrals

Data owners that want to complement their in-house salesforce partner with Eagle Alpha to receive qualified sales referrals. For example, some vendors are particularly strong in selling to quantitative funds but want to leverage our distribution franchise to target discretionary hedge funds, long-term fundamental investors, sovereign wealth firms and private equity firms. Other vendors have strong access to buyside firms in the US but need to leverage our distribution franchise to target buyside firms in EMEA and APAC.

Clearly if referrals are on an exclusive basis Eagle Alpha dedicates significantly more resources to a dataset.

  1. Data Analytics Partnership

The majority of fundamental discretionary investors do not currently have the in-house capability to work with alternative datasets. Therefore these investors need to interpret alternative data through dashboards. Data owners that want to engage fundamental discretionary investors partner with Eagle Alpha to host their data on our Data Analytics platform, where we will build dashboards tailored to your dataset. In this instance Eagle Alpha does direct sales on behalf of the data vendor.

Eagle Alpha handpicks data vendors for inclusion in the Data Analytics platform and is very selective about the partners we work with. All exclusive partners are automatically pre-approved for a Data Analytics partnership (on the same terms as other Data Analytics partners). In 2018 these exclusive partners will get priority on the Data Analytics roadmap.

  1. New Dataset Joint Venture

Eagle Alpha’s #1 priority is to forge joint venture partnerships with data owners to build new datasets.

We do this in two ways: 1) we partner with existing data companies that want Eagle Alpha to build a new dataset; and 2) we partner with companies that want to monetize their ‘exhaust’ data. There are hundreds of these companies worldwide that are starting to explore data monetization opportunities.

For new datasets Eagle Alpha builds, markets, sells the dataset and sends a cheque to the data owner for each sale.

Please note this level of partnership is on a three year exclusive basis only.

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