Why Eagle Alpha?

  1. Extensive Experience

Eagle Alpha incorporated in 2012 and therefore has extensive experience in a relatively new space. Our 120-page report entitled “Alternative Data: Use Cases” demonstrates our experience. This report can be downloaded for free from www.eaglealpha.com.

  1. Industry Credibility

Eagle Alpha is a recognized leader in the alternative data space. Citations in reports by Citi, JPMorgan, BoA and Deloitte evidence our credibility. If you would like soft copies of these reports please contact us.

  1. Strong Team

Eagle Alpha has assembled a world-class team of data sourcing experts, data analysts, data scientists, engineers and salespeople. The team has worked at firms including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, State Street and TCW.

  1. Unrivalled Distribution

Eagle Alpha, founded in 2012, was an early mover in the alternative data space. Since 2012 we have been building an unrivalled distribution platform solely focused on monetizing alternative data in the asset management vertical. Below are the key marketing initiatives that source prospects and our approach to sales.

  1. Common Goal

The #1 priority of Eagle Alpha is to monetize alternative datasets therefore our interests are aligned.

This report, the first of its kind, is an example of our commitment to vendors of alternative data. New editions of this report will be published on a regular basis and therefore we welcome your feedback and suggestions to continue to improve its content.

Another example of our commitment is the creation of a standardized trial agreement. So much time is wasted reviewing and negotiating trial agreements. In April 2018 Eagle Alpha created a working group of buyside firms to produce a standardized trial agreement. We expect to publish the agreement by August 2018. The agreement will be freely available to any data vendor worldwide.