Since 2012, Eagle Alpha has provided a full-service solution that enables asset managers to obtain alpha from alternative data.

There are four parts to our solution:

  1. Data Sourcing: our Data Sourcing offering keeps clients on top of all relevant raw and semi-processed datasets worldwide, an increasing number of which are exclusive to Eagle Alpha or proprietary.
  2. Data Analytics: our Data Analytics offering enables clients to interpret alternative data using dashboards, tools, indicators and analyst insights.
  3. Bespoke Projects: our Bespoke Projects offering enables clients to commission data analytics work for specific research questions or topics. Syndicated bespoke projects are tailored to the needs of small group of Eagle Alpha clients.
  4. Data Forum: our Data Forum offering enables clients to keep on top of evolving best practices.

Since 2012 Eagle Alpha has built a 25 person team that is modelled on comparable teams at large asset managers that have embraced alternative data. Our product team has four groups:

  1. Data Sourcing: our data sourcing experts hunt (proactively and reactively) for interesting alternative datasets.
  2. Data Analysts: our data analysts, who have buyside and sellside experience, understand asset classes and investigate strategies.
  3. Data Scientists: our data scientists have strong quantitative skills for data exploration, diagnostics and backtesting.
  4. Engineers: our engineers manage our data acquisition, maintenance and storage as well as the delivery of our solutions to clients.

Asset management clients include quantitative funds, discretionary hedge funds, traditional long only funds, sovereign wealth funds and private equity funds. We are uniquely positioned to work with clients that are starting to integrate alternative data as well as sophisticated users that leverage Eagle Alpha to complement their in-house capabilities.

Eagle Alpha is a recognized leader in the alternative data space. We have been referenced in alternative data primers by several firms e.g. Citi, JPMorgan, BoA and Deloitte.

Our vision is to be the ‘go-to’ firm for the alternative data needs of asset managers.

Our team includes data procurement professionals, technology engineers, data scientists and research analysts who used to work on the buyside and sellside.

Team members include:

Emmett Kilduff, Founder & CEO. Emmett worked in Investment Banking with Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Morgan Stanley was the first investment bank to work with big data within its research department.

Ciaran Ryan, COO. Ciaran is a qualified chartered accountant with 10+ years of experience in IT environments in Ireland and Australia.

Niall Hurley, Director of Business Development. Niall has experience on both the sellside and buyside with Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and two asset management firms in London.

Shannon Callan, Shannon leads our Teach-ins and Bespoke Projects. Shannon was Director of Equity Research at TCW Group, a $185bn asset manager based in LA. Shannon has been working with alternative data since 2011.

Ronan Crosson, Director of Data Insights. Ronan was a senior analyst at State Street Global Advisors. Since joining Eagle Alpha he has upskilled in data science techniques, predictive modelling, and languages such as Python, R and SQL.

Padraic Mulligan, Head of Engineering. Padraic is an enterprise cloud expert specializing in high scale and big data. Padraic has a patent application for classifying data sets using NLP.

Hugh O’Connor, Head of Data Sourcing. Hugh joined Eagle Alpha from a Big 4 accountancy firm and has developed an expert knowledge of alternative data while driving Eagle Alpha’s Data Sourcing & partnerships during the last 5 years. Hugh holds a Masters Degree in Strategy & Planning. Since joining Eagle Alpha he has qualified with a HDIP in Data Analytics (Summa cum laude), upskilling in machine learning techniques, predictive modelling, and languages such as Python, R and SQL.

Our team is advised by a nine person advisory panel that includes:

Gene Ekster, alternative data expert and former head of R&D at Aperio (part of Point 72).

Adrian Faure, various roles at Citi including head of equity sales and head of pan-Asian research.

Derek Greene, data scientist with expertise in machine learning, data mining, scalable data analytics and social network analysis.

Evan Weaver, former technology architect at Twitter. As the most senior technical member of the company at the time, he worked directly on mission-critical projects and helped other teams with engineering strategy.

Gawn-Rowan Hamilton, co-founder & CFO of MergerMarket Group (sold to BC Partners for £328m). MergerMarket Group is an information provider to Wall Street.